CALIFORNIA FCCLA Makes the Difference

...for Students

The Competitive Recognition Events program gives students opportunities to apply skills learned in the Family and Consumer Sciences classroom, and to receive local, state, and national recognition for their accomplishments.

Gaining Skills For Life
California FCCLA offers members opportunities for developing leadership skills, exploring career paths, interacting with school and community members and coordinating chapter programs. Today, these skills are developed through FCCLA activities and the Family and Consumer Sciences curriculum.

Providing Leadership Opportunities
For the past 67 years, the California FCCLA has provided leadership experiences to students at four levels of the organization by developing a strong network consisting of a chapter, region, state, and national structures. Elected officers at each level are responsible for planning and implementing activities such as the Region Officers Training Conference and the annual State Leadership Conference.

Applying Skills Learned in Curriculum
California FCCLA offers the Competitive Recognition Events program for students to apply skills learned in the classroom and to receive recognition for their accomplishments. The C-STAR program consists of 20 events; such as Culinary Arts Display, Energy and Resource Conservation, Job Application and Interview and Fashion Design. Corporations and institutions provide support for the program with cash donations, scholarships, and prizes for the state winners.

California FCCLA Makes the Difference

...for Instructors

Benefiting Instructors
California FCCLA provides Family and Consumer Sciences instructors with the opportunity to accomplish the learning objectives of the curriculum with a "hands-on/learning by doing" program that makes learning more realistic and relevant.

Enriching Classrooms
Quality secondary Family and Consumer Sciences education programs include California FCCLA as an intra-curricular teaching strategy to extend and enrich classroom instruction. The Family and Consumer Sciences curriculum becomes alive as teachers guide students in developing leadership skills, exploring career paths, interacting with school and community members, and participating in chapter activities. What students learn in Family and Consumer Sciences class goes hand-in-hand with activities in California FCCLA.

“I wish I would have joined FCCLA my freshman year because it has taught me valuable lessons and has transformed me into an effective leader.”

Angel Castillas,
(Ceasar Chavez FCCLA)