Community & Careers

Community & Careers

Skills for Living and Earning a Living
If you’re interested in a bright future in many of California’s leading industries, then Family and Consumer Sciences education is the answer!

California FCCLA: Impacting Communities
California FCCLA members join together each year to provide thousands of service hours to countless California communities. Students select projects based on the needs of their own communities, develop a plan of action, and implement their ideas to make a difference. Not only do community service projects benefit the community; but also provide students with knowledge, skills and hands-on experiences that prepare them for their future roles in providing solutions to societal issues. From recycling days to drought-resistant tree planting; from creating low-impact hiking paths to campaigns for energy-efficient fluorescent light bulbs; from health education programs for young students to campaigns for nutritious snacks – California FCCLA members really are making a difference!

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California FCCLA Support Opportunities

What Kind of Support do Business and Industries Provide?

  • $100,000 in cash, scholarships and other awards for Competitive Recognition Event finalists
  • Leadership development activities
  • Judges for Competitive Recognition Events
  • Sites for career field trips and internships

For more information on becoming a sponsor or providing support, please contact the California FCCLA Office, at 916-319-0773.

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