More than Just a Cooking Class

Cesar E. Chavez High School offers a cooking class that not only teaches students basic cooking skills but immerses them into a multiple possible career pathways in a fun and creative way.
By: Ruby Rivera, 23ABC

  • Video shows how students at Cesar E. Chavez High School are immersed into the culinary world as they learn basic cooking skills and food safety but also go above and beyond by getting opportunities to take their skills to competition and are even able to get their food handlers license.

Did you know that Cesar E. Chavez High School offers a Food Service and Hospitality Pathway Program?

It’s a two-year class that essentially allows students to learn about nutrition while working hands-on in the kitchen.

Jill Pickett, food service and hospitality teacher at Chavez High School, says most days her days start out in the classroom with her students.

“Students are learning from the very beginning, vocabulary with equipment, terms used in recipes, safety and sanitation,” said Pickett.

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